Our History


Time is precious… And the value of every timeframes are different from each other.
The moments that we live life fully, the dissimilarity of every age and time, the uniqueness of each moment,
traces in our souls left by life experiences and peerless of emotions form the epitome of life.
Here it is, we have been with you for 40 years while everyone is writing their own story.

With our Rolex and Tudor watches, different designs as your stories…
Külahçıoğlu brand, which was established in Kemeraltı by Muammer
Külahçıoğlu, now brings you and the most special tool of time together
and write new stories with you under the leadership of Külahçıoğlu
family from generation to generation exactly for 40 years.

Külahçıoğlu manages to sign their lives thanks to Rolex Technical
Service equipped with the latest innovations at Swiss quality standards.
To the ones that know to live this life preciously…