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Time is-Precious

Time is precious... And the value of each time period we spend in our life journey is different. The moments we live to the fullest, the uniqueness of each age and time, the uniqueness of one moment not holding the other, the traces left by the experiences in our souls and the uniqueness of the emotions constitute the very essence of life. While everyone is writing and living their own story, we have been with you for 60 years.

Time is-Precious
Time is-Precious

With our Rolex and Tudor watches, with designs as different as your stories… The Külahçıoğlu brand, which came to life in the hands of Muammer Külahçıoğlu in İzmir Kemeraltı and is now handed down from generation to generation under the leadership of the Külahçıoğlu family, has been bringing the most special vehicle of the time to you with great care for 60 years, writing new stories with you.

Equipped with the latest innovations, Külahçıoğlu manages to put its signature on your lives with its Rolex Technical Service, which meets Swiss standards. For those who know how to live every moment of life in the most valuable way…

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